Difficulty of deserted babies is now more serious. This case raises issues for all functions. Many cases have already been reported in abandoned fresh born infants. Where the baby normally removed on trash, toilets, in the rivers, etc. solution to this problem must be done because smoothly, in order that it cannot continue to spread and turn more serious.

To solve the case of dumping a baby in Malaysia, there are several points of the protection of newborns were set up. one of the NGOs of the NGO has became available the place. this is intended to give protection for the mother and baby to be born. are generally not directly reduce the problems of abortion and baby dumping. This will you can put care and treatment of newborns born to women involved with perfect state. This place also serves as a body that handles the process of usage to family members in need. Shahrizat Abdul Jalil the minister of girls, Family and Community Development informed a local magazine that the service, to be provided by the NGO OrphanCARE, would give desperate mothers an alternative to leaving or killing their babies. В

" We must not really allow yourself to be placed prisoner towards the belief that baby hatches encourage premarital sex. ”the New Sunday Times also quoted her as saying. В

" OrphanCARE -- supported by the Ministry of Family, Women and Community Expansion to help distraught young pregnant girls save the innocent babies, rather than just toss them at most " convenient" places. OrphanCare is located by 6, Sarana SS1/24A, Kampung Tunku, Petaling Jaya. For years we have read of gruesome stories regarding newborns in whose mothers -- with nowhere fast and no that you turn to -- discard these people in dumpsters, toilets and forests, to get eaten in by ants, bitten simply by rats and also other rodents. ”( By Firdaus Helmy and Mariam Abbas)

That alternatives can be done is usually to tighten legislation on associated with child and sex just before marriage. This measures are meant to bring awareness to the community not to left behind their...


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