1- Introduction and Background of Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad was established in 1996 for Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, it absolutely was also the beginning of Malaysia East Asia Satellite tv (MEASAT) with the launch of satellite called MEASAT-1 simply by Astro. To start with Astro introduced pay-television assistance and started broadcasting with twenty two TV Channels (Astro website). Latter in 1998 Cuerpo launched even more MEASAT satellites to broaden its business and companies and now Cuerpo is the primary consumer media entertainment group in Malaysia and are operating operations in four crucial areas of business, which are Pay out TV, The airwaves, Publications and Digital Press (Astro website). Astro also recognized by the name of Astro All Asia Network (AAAN). According to Kong and Chan (2012), Astro was listed in Oct 2013 beneath public shown companies by Main Table of Bursa Malaysia, nevertheless latter in June 2010, AAAN was delisted through the Main Table of Bursa Malaysia and in 19th Oct, 2012, Figura relisted below Bursa Malaysia (OSK, 2012). After relisted again below Bursa Malaysia, according to Yin (2012), Astro will be enjoying monopoly market with 99% in the market share and in addition Astro is definitely the largest pay out TV user not only in Malaysia but also in To the south East Asia with total 3. three or more million subscribers, among these kinds of 3. 2 million are residential subscribers as proven in chart-1. Below presented table1 outlining the earning of revenue and revenue by Satellite and also chart-2 summarizes progress Atro's products and service (Maybank KE, 2012).

Graph and or chart 1: Leading ASEAN Pay TV Providers and its amount of subscribers

Astro Malaysia Holdings – Summary Revenue Table

FYE Jan (MYR m)







three or more, 664. 1

3, 888. 8

5, 274. several

4, 748. 7

your five, 259. 6

Net Earnings

823. your five

624. you

439. 6

505. some

675. zero

Note: the word " A” is symbolizing achieved while word " F” is usually representing Long term Forcas Source: OSK study, 2012

Chart-2: Development of product and services by Cuerpo.

Source: Maybank KE, 2012

2- Market composition of Astro Malaysia bhd

2 . you Competitor analysis

Astro Malaysia Holdings may be the largest pay-TV operator in Malaysia with 3. 3 million of subscribers and in addition enjoying a monopoly industry with 00% of business (chart -3). At this time there is only one rival in Shell out TV marketplace which is Hypp TV by simply Telekom Malaysia (TM), which includes only 1% of business (Maybank KE, 2012). In accordance to Tobey maguire and Jack (2012), TM launched Hypp TV and its particular IPTV companies by 2010 and presently HYpp TV SET offering more than 50 stations to spending subscribers. Bottom on the subsequent quarter of year 2012 there is zero. 80k members only will be belong to Hypp TV (Mercury, 2012). Chart-3: Market Share of Astro and Hypp TELEVISION SET

2 . a couple of Product's differentiation and obstacles of entries

Astro taking pleasure in Monopoly marketplace and it is mainly because Astro is a one and only in Malaysia, with its own satellites and that's is it doesn't only satellite television service provider in Malaysia (OSK, 2012). At first the cost of sending satellite is likewise very high intended for Astro's just like Hypp TV SET and big hurdle for existing and fresh competitors. Extra Astro offers special permit with the authorities, to be only satellite's company in Malaysia for 25 years, until 2017 (Tan, 2012). So high preliminary investment to possess satellite and license with government will be huge limitations of items and its stop any firm to contend with Astro by giving product and services just like Astro. Recently the bid for broadcasting privileges of The english language Premier Little league ( the famous Football group in England) was likewise won by simply Astro, which has been about RM 1 billion for transmissions rights of three seasons (Yeap, 2012). So just to get broadcasting rights of The english language Premier League new firms have to use RM 1 billion and how about other folks? Except certificate with governments, the elements or boundaries that disappointed new companies to enter on the market is substantial initial purchase to...

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