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Brand: Mohd Firdaus bin Mohd Zaki

UiTM Number: 2014672338

Group: LWP0051E


1 . The conflict with this story is the boy, Jerr, who won't wants to done his homework and having been scolded by his parent or guardian for his act. Jerrika talk to his parent and his father or mother was stunned for what performed he stated. Jason feel that being youngsters for that particular time was hard and he want to play instead of concluding his home work because he desired to have some fun. His parent merely worried about his future and wanted him to improve in the academic performance.

2 . During that period, the technology was a lot developed and has convenience the life from the people. In this story possibly Jason's parent have shown to us just how technology possess bring easiness to their your life. For example , his father browse the newspaper which is display about family room ceiling-viewer and he was floated two feet over a flat, bed-shaped, anti-gravity. Every he need to do is provide a command towards the monitor but it will surely turns to whatever this individual wanted to examine. His mother also reveals how designed that time is definitely when the girl pressed a red key and purchased " Othello” the movie via Shakespeare's traditional play and then colorful, life-like, computer generated, hologram celebrities appeared in their family room and began to act. So that is what I can infer from that statement. In future the technologies was so much produced and it will ease the people for this time being.

3. The commonalities that can be found in both of them is the fact both of them happen to be hot reinforced. Jason speak back to his father the moment being asked to finish his homework. He was not satisfied along with his life as being a kid at that time. Meanwhile his father wasn't able to stand together with his attitude often scold him.

Name: Mohd Firdaus rubbish bin Mohd Zaki

UiTM Number: 2014672338

Group: LWP0051E


1 ) The narrator join the figure to live in such dark places yet peace and ease him. Based on the storyline itself, people around him did not recognized his living. How would he care to to survive in such a world? Maybe he believe by joining the determine to live together with the cats and rats are the most effective option he previously.

2 . He meant that, after all this while, his appearance was realized by simply no one. After he visited the cul-de-sacs he pointed out that, at least, the mice and cats and kittens realized his coming. He had been swindled and hurt but still following few hours no-one came to help. Only the rodents and felines are there licking and sniffing his body system. Then next he observed a determine and he felt an unexplainable convenience in him. He then joined up with the number along with the cats and kittens and rodents. Now this individual have a so-called communities which realized his existence and that is what he choose to.

3. This kind of story indicates to me just how sadistic a life can be when you are becoming ignored by simply everybody. I feel bad for the narrator nevertheless this story made me truly feel a little bit annoying. The narrator stated that he getting ignored or being ignore by his collages

Name: Mohd Firdaus bin Mohd Zaki

UiTM Quantity: 2014672338

Group: LWP0051E


1 . I believe May is a great friend yet because she is busy with her studies and existence she scarcely have an occasion to keep touching Aisha. Even so she never forget Aisha and she continue to reads individuals letter the lady got coming from Aisha. That is what told her to her old best friend. Distance has brought changes to all their friendship nevertheless never deteriorate the connection.

2 . Certainly, because We wants to demonstrate to her despite the fact that distance possess keep all of us apart I actually never forget the friendship we has made.

three or more. For me companionship is a thing that is natural because you will have lot of friend to be chuckle with but how some of them will stay as you cry. Normally the one who stay by your side regardless of...


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