Not to be Reproduced (La processing interdite, 1937) René Magritte

Paige Williams

Media Appearances (Huma 1600)

Dustin Brown

October 22, 2012

Article One

Frequently in art galleries one can find masses of people cautiously inspecting important paintings and other works. At the moment, the common practice for both novices and experts equally is to closely examine each piece of work to get a deeper, disguised meaning that every artist provides somehow instilled in his or her creations. Despite the popularity of this custom, a number of performers continue to communicate opposition to it. These kinds of sentiment is specially evident in René Magritte's famed piece of art, Not to always be Reproduced. I contend that Magritte's To not be Produced divulges the futility in the excessive overview of photos and at the same time contrasts classic and modern day forms of mediation.

One of the primary elements of this painting is definitely the seemingly improper reflection of the man. Because the man is usually standing facing the reflection, the viewer would expect to find the man's deal with reflected, however only the backside of the person is demonstrated. This portion of the work confronts the common obsession with obtaining the obscured, deeper meaning that is presumed to be in back of every graphic by conveying that sometimes there are simply no alternate effects besides the types immediately shown. Naturally, the viewer will inquire about the face from the man—perhaps how it looks, or maybe the message that it's masking, nevertheless , if we step back from basically glancing by Magritte's function, one need to acknowledge which the man's face does not exist simply because the artist would not create one. Since the male's face does not exist rather than will, it could be useless to dissect the actual connotations the fact that face could offer because there are none. Likewise, the reproduction in the man's in the mirror instead of an alternate point of view implies that frequently, deeply popular message that we assume is placed behind the image is merely the...

Cited: Magritte, Rene. To never be Produced (La processing interdite). 1937. Oil in Canvas. Art gallery Boijmans Vehicle Beuningen, Rotterdam, Belgium.


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