Alzheimer's; A Public well-being Responsibility

Paul Mason

HCA 415: Community & Public welfare

Instructor: Erica Terry


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The issues of open public and community health are ones that everyone ought to be concerned with. These types of broad matters include everything from drinking water to anti-smoking guidelines and disease prevention and management. Community and community health issues are handled in the federal, express and local levels and are essential to any effective society. One such disease that impacts many Americans is Alzheimer's disease. The purpose of this paper should be to define Alzheimer's disease, give epidemiology/demographic data, identify methods available to Alzheimer's patients, go over some limitations to resolving the problem, to distinguish stakeholders that may be involved with a simple solution, and make recommendations on approaches to solve the down sides associated with Alzheimer's disease.

" Alzheimer's can be described as type of dementia that causes complications with memory, pondering and behavior. Symptoms usually develop little by little and worsen over time, turning into severe enough to hinder daily tasks. ” (What is Alzheimer's, 2013) Specifically " Alzheimer's disease is actually a progressive neurologic disease in the brain bringing about the irreversible loss of neurons and the loss of intellectual abilities, including memory and reasoning…” (Nordqvist, 2012) Alzheimer's is considered the most common sort of dementia and is devastating to families and loved ones. As its onset arises later in life members of the family and family members are often contacted to be caregivers. Unfortunately you cannot find any cure at this time, " Although current Alzheimer's treatments are unable to stop Alzheimer's from moving on, they can briefly slow the worsening of dementia symptoms and boost quality of life for anyone with Alzheimer's and their caregivers. ” (What is Alzheimer's, 2013) Symptoms in the early stages of Alzheimer's are usually memory related like difficulty remembering newly learned info and slowed down thinking. As the disease moves along symptoms contain, " disorientation, mood and behavior alterations, deepening confusion about situations, time and place, unfounded some doubts about family members, friends and professional caregivers, more serious memory space loss and behavior adjustments, and difficulty speaking, ingesting and jogging. ” (What is Alzheimer's, 2013) " Alzheimer's is actually a terminal disease. This means it has no cure and will result in death. Nevertheless , there are various medications which can help slow down the progression in the disease, yet others that can improve the signs and symptoms, including sleeplessness, roaming, depression, anxiousness and disappointment. ” (Nordqvist, 2012) These types of medications consist of: Cholinesterase blockers, Memantine, EXPERT Inhibitors, Originate cells, and Insulin. (Nordqvist, 2012)

In accordance to a statement by the Alzheimer's Association " In the United States, nearly 5. 5 million folks are living with Alzheimer's disease, including at least 800, 1000 who live alone. ” (Florida Alzheimer's Statistics, 2012) These amounts are absolutely significant and point to a problem that is huge in range. In 2010 inside the state of Florida there was approximately 435.00, 000 people over the age of 65 living with Alzheimer's disease that has been a 25% increase through the year 2k. (Florida Alzheimer's Statistics, 2012) Alzheimer's caused over some, 000 fatalities in 2008 alone. One more part of the issue is the cost, " The cost of taking care of people with Alzheimer's and other dementias is believed to total one hundred dollar billion in 2012 and is projected to increase to $1. 1 trillion annually (in modern-day dollars) by mid-century. ” (Florida Alzheimer's Statistics, 2012) " 70 % of ADVERTISING [Alzheimer's Disease] patients are cared for at your home. Approximately 640, 000 caregivers in Florida provide over $8 BILLION of delinquent care to Floridians with Alzheimer's. ” (Corley, 2011) These...

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