Team participation is what gets us through life. Without actively working together with others, we would never be capable of getting ahead. While you are actively taking part in an activity with a team; you tend to make many friends. We all have demands as described by Maslow's Hierarchy of needs. One of those needs is self-esteem. Once you make good friends, you will feel relaxed participating with them. This kind of, in turn, increases your self-pride. Self-esteem is defined as regarding one-self with quality. When you are undertaking something with people you can trust, you will job harder if they are to get better. " While you are satisfied with what you have achieved, you have come to a high level of self-esteem” says Nicole Moran of the American High School Swim Team.

Anytime that you just collaborate with others to attain a common goal you have to interact with them. You are enabling social interaction when you do this by getting to know them on a more romantic level. To raised work with your teammates, you should hang out with them beyond your activity so that you can appreciate them like a person, not just as one of the teammates. This kind of social relationship is what makes the team better and is and what will allow you to excel in your choice of activity.

" Contribution in a staff activity signifies that your teammates are going to be relying on you to fulfill your duties as a member from the team” says Mario Delgado, Captain of the American High School Swim Team and Director of the Walking in line Band. This will likely enhance your level of responsibility greatly. If you decide to by pass practice the afternoon before a or competition, you can cause your staff a triumph. You have to be responsible enough to deal with your time wisely so that you can perform everything that most likely supposed to do. This helps you become a successful person later on. A key component is obviously is time-management. If you aren't responsible enough to manage your time and efforts, then you will never succeed in existence. That is why taking part in an organized team...

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Nicole Moran of the American High School Swim Team

Mario Delgado, Chief of the American High School Go swimming Team and President from the Marching Group

Lourgem Fandora, Captain in the American Senior high school Girl's Volleyball Team

Mentor Michael Tauro, American High school graduation Girl's Volleyball Coach

Jalen Williams, member of the American High School Cross-Country Team

Intestinal Gamboa, Chief of the American High School Football Team


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