BEL 492

(Individual Presentation)

Presentation 1

Student's name: Nur Nadirah binti Mohd Noise

Faculty/ Group: Business Management (BM2223A)

Lecturer's name: Madam Suchitra

Subject: ACID RAIN

Order: Relevant Order

Practical: To inform

Particular purpose: Acid rain is harmful to environment that it can harm everything during time because it makes the living things in the environment die.

Central idea: To see my viewers about the complexities, effects and what can be done to lessen of acid rain.


I. What might you do in case you knew toxic was falling from your sky? What would you say if you knew that we had been a big portion in causing the deaths of many pets or animals, forests, and people? How would you react merely told you that today you contributed to atmosphere desolation?

II. Well, get ready to complete, say and react mainly because I'm going to let you know that you are, I actually am, and everybody written for acid rain, a dangerous and a real accident.

III. But not every hope is usually lost. We are able to help simply by learn and teach about the effects on our environment via more become harmful.

IV. Based on ‘Robert Angus Smith - the scientist whom first used the term chemical p rain -- wrote:

a. " It has often been noticed that the stones and bricks of complexes crumble more readily in large cities where much coal is usually burnt.... I used to be led to attribute this effect to the slow yet constant action of acid solution rain. "

V. Today I would like to see you regarding the causes, results and way to be taken of acid rain that can affected to all of us and environment.

(Transition: A few we focus on the causes of acid solution rain. )


I. Ahead of that, precisely what is acid rain? Acid rainfall is rain consisting of drinking water droplets which might be unusually acid because of atmospheric pollution. Acidity rain also called as acid deposition. Acid deposition describes a procedure that is a mixture of wet and dry deposition.

a. Moist deposition is definitely any sort of rain that removes stomach acids from ambiance and deposit them on the earth's surface.

b. Dried deposition wrecking particles and gases stick to the ground through dust and smoke when ever absence of rainwater.

Acid rain can occur via natural sources like volcanoes but it really is mainly brought on by the release of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide during fossil fuel combustion. The moment these fumes are released into the ambiance they react with the normal water, oxygen, and also other gases already present presently there to form sulfuric acid, ammonium nitrate, and nitric acidity. These acids then distribute over large areas due to wind habits and fall back to the earth as chemical p rain or other forms of precipitation.

(Transition: Let's we look on the side a result of acid rainfall. )

II. How does acid solution rain influence our ecosystem?

a. Influence on human well being

a. In serious cases, substantial levels of acid solution in the air trigger skin challenges and eyesight irritations. Reactions occur among acids and alkaline substances in the atmosphere to form compounds which, once inhaled, could affect human overall health. One of these compounds is ammonium sulphate, which is produced in large quantities during large-scale biomass using events.

m. Effect on aquatic life

a. The majority of species of marine animals, bugs, plants and micro-organisms are unable to tolerate significant changes in acidity and their human population are lowered when acidity increases. These aquatic animals are amongst the most hypersensitive and they encounter large decline in figures in acidity waters. Frogs and toads suffer processing disorders.

c. Effect on soils and forests

a. Scientists in German stated that acid rainwater damages the waxy exterior coating that protects the leaves. When this occurs, it allows the acid to seep in to the tree. Instead of water changing from a liquid into a gas inside leaves, gas is taking place of the. This stops the plant from taking in carbon dioxide to perform photosynthesis,...

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