Cody Callier

English 1106


11 February 2015

Friendship in Pritchard

Coming to college, I was terrified. I had fashioned no idea what to anticipate. I was going to be placed into a new situation with people I did not understand, and classes that I has not been prepared pertaining to so I was worried about making new good friends, but I actually eventually attained many great people. Through friendship as well as the living environment in the junior dorms such as Pritchard Hall at Virginia Tech, my personal group of close friends has found a sense of place and community in our first 12 months at university. When you go to a college with around 35, 000 students, there is also a good possibility you will meet up with people with amazing stories. They come from across the world and have their own stories showing how they received here and exactly how they started to be Hokies, much like myself and everyone else right here. It is not anymore just the youngsters that I grew up with and have visited school with my entire life. It is new people which come from several places and possess different encounters than me. With around one thousand college students, Pritchard Lounge made the large campus seem to be smaller. The good news is, two of girls I knew via high school, Kimber Moore and Sarah Niewola, were living a floor over me. Imagined below, Debbie, Kimber, and I have spent a lot of time with each other and have cultivated even nearer than i was in senior high school. " Becoming close to each other has made the transition to school much easier, ” said Kimber. " We have been able to continue to be close friends along with making even more along the way. ”

Figure you Sarah Niewola (left), Kimber Moore (right), and I chilling out in Sarah's room

The excellent part about being close to these close friends is that we now have also added our roommates to our good friend group. My personal roommate, Trent DiGiovine, and i also had just recently met, so I was worried about the transition to living jointly. " It absolutely was like we every just clicked on, ” Trent said. " We all went from not being close to each other to getting close friends in just a short period of your energy. ” Coming from a school where many college students didn't come to Va Tech, Kimber, Sarah, and I barely realized anyone in Pritchard. With the help of our roommates, we were quickly accepted in to the friend group that we are now in today. Through Trent, I was capable of meet one among my close friends, Johnny Frein. Being only some rooms down from my very own, Johnny and i also spent considerable time together the first term of college. The remaining of our friends ended up becoming a member of clubs, fraternities, and other university associations, so we spent a lot of time alone in Pritchard. " We certainly have had a large amount of boring occasions in Pritchard the initially semester, ” Johnny stated. " Nevertheless they were also one of the most fun times of my life. I wouldn't trade them for anything. ” These times were some of the most fun and memorable of my entire life. All of us didn't include everyone with us, but we made one of the most of our period. When everyone did spend some time together, we had a lot of fun, especially during sports games. I had been never really a Virginia Technology football enthusiast growing up, so I thought it might have been a odd adjustment. All of my friends have been lifelong supporters and understood everything about the team, so it was simple for me to choose it up. During the second game against Kentkucky State, Johnny, Kimber, Debbie, and Sarah's roommate, Alli Gibbs, almost all came to my place to watch. " We even now weren't really that close around the time of the Ohio State game, but it was just like the game had brought all of us so much nearer together. It absolutely was one of the biggest game titles in Virginia Tech soccer history and many of us got to experience it with each other, ” Alli said. Time after the game showed how important that get was to this school. Thousands of people joined down-town in a party for the team. People were up all night, going crazy. Everybody waited up to around 3: 00 A. M. to greet they when they returned to grounds. I felt that practically nothing could present our gratitude more than that as well as the best part was that we all have to experience it together. We continued to get...


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