My own first period teacher's term is Mrs. Mcneill in that class all of us learn about diverse languages and various countries. The vital thing that ever before learned in her class was the right way to say the hey there in Spanish. The initially word all of us learned was hola which means hello yet most of us previously knew that. SOME OF THE POINTS THAT THEY CARRY OUT IN SPAIN IS USUALLY PRETTY CRAZY LIKE RUNNING AWAY FROM A HERD OF BULL THAT COULD BE SCARY. The language that we learned after was French. Exactly what is cool about france is of the issue that are right now there like the art gallery that one with the biggest one in the world which in turn holds the mona lisa. As well in portugal is the eiffile tower which really cool. One of many words which i think is really cool can be how to state no (nine). Sign dialect was the next one in that class and It was likely one of the most boring language, nevertheless I know how to say things like dog, party, dance, and fly. Following sign dialect we learned German I thought that was cool cause one of my own moms side of the is German. IN GERMAN THEY WILL LIKE TO NEARLY HOCK A LOGIE WHENEVER THEY SPEAK NONETHELESS THEY DON'T IM OR HER SURE. THIS LANGUAGE WAS PROBABLY ONE OF MANY FUN THE ONE THAT I HAD BECAUSE THERE LANGUAGE IS WEIRD THUS ITS KINDA COOL OF TALKING. LIKE TO CLAIM GOOD MORNING YOU SAY GUTEN MORGEN BUT ITS EASY CAUSE IT SOUNDS JUST LIKE ENGLISH. GERMAN WAS KINDA HARD HOWEVER IT WAS WASY CAUSE IT HAD BEEN SIMILAR TO THE SPANISH LANGUAGE. WHAT I LIKE ABOUT ITALY IS THAT IT HAS A LARGE AMOUNT OF MONUMENTS TO UNDERSTAND ABOUT LIKE THE LEANING STRUCTURE OF PISA, AND THE COLLISIUM. ALSO IN FRANCE AMONG THE CITIES NAMED VENICE THE ROADS ARE RIVERS. RIGHT KNOW I AM LEARNING ABOUT JAPENSE AND ITS KINDA COOL LIKE THE WORDS DIFFER FROM ANY OTHER VOCABULARY I HAVE LEARNED SO FAR. A NUMBER OF THE COLORS ARE COOL TO SAY LIKE VIOLET IS MURASAKI IRO, AND PINK IS PINKU AS WELL AS COOL TO TALK ABOUT THEM AT THE TIME YOU GET BORED. FOLLOWING JAPANESE I WISH TO LEARN SEVERAL SWEDISH TRIGGER THAT'S MY DADS AND MY HERITAGE FROM HIS SIDE WITH THE FAMILY. AND THAT IS ALL I USE PRETTY MUCH LEARED IN THIS COURSE...


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