The nineteenth Amendment

The nineteenth amendment was an enormous part of history. It gave ladies the right to election. For many years, girls had been fighting for this. This amendment considerably changed the lives of american citizens and others.

All of it started in 1848. In this year, the Women's Suffrage Movement was arranged. Some of the crucial leaders on this movement had been Elizabeth Stanton, Lucretia Mott, and Susan Anthony. These types of three women, with the help of many others, were vital in unsteadiness the public's view on women's right to election and have a say in the nation. Throughout the nineteenth century, women structured, petitioned, lectured, marched, rioted, and used civil disobedience in order to get freedom. The nineteenth amendment was initially introduced in 1878 and was ratified on August 18, 1920. This means that many of the women who started out this movements did not live to see it passed. By 1916, the majority of the major avis organizations had been fighting for women's privileges. Even President Wilson, ultimately, supported the amendment. Following your passing with the amendment, ladies still struggled for equal rights in all sociable, political, and economic areas. This movement changed the complete energy of America. The nineteenth change gave 50 percent the population of America the right to vote as well as the right to keep public office buildings. This intended women finally had a voice, it was not simply men making all the decisions. This was enormous to have girls in public offices. Offices once made up entirely of guys were being entered with ladies. It improved the whole active of the operating life. Not merely did it change America, just about all affected various other nations. The United Nations begun to examine the treatment of women. Ultimately, the United Nations created the Meeting on the Eradication of All Types of Discrimination against Women in 1979. The file required the countries that signed to end gender discrimination in their legal system

To many, this change was probably the most and...


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