Activity 1 . 3. two: Student Response Sheet

Scenario you

A 32 year old immigrant from a patriarchal region is having a baby. As she actually is delivering the infant, she tearfully confesses to her doctor that this is her 4th kid and the lady simply cannot deal with any more kids. She tells the doctor that her hubby refuses to use contraception or perhaps allow her to, and she begs her doctor to connect her pontoons and not tell her husband. The physician complies. Was HIPAA Violated? Why or perhaps why not?

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Scenario two

A physical specialist and a nurse will be riding in the elevator together. During their ride they loudly discuss someone they both have had for some time now. The elevator is full of folks who can all hear them refer to the sufferer by term. Was HIPAA Violated? For what reason or really want to?

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Situation 3

A mother emailed her boy's teacher regarding his good seizures. Weeks later, the teacher responded to the email to tell the mother about discipline complications. Communication became very inhospitable. The tutor forwarded the conversation to her best friend, a teacher at the same school. The teacher's good friend does not get this boy in her category. The information about the son's seizures i visited the very underlying part of the email strand. Was HIPAA Broken? Why or why not?...


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